Leadership Coaching & Training Modules

These modules start with a base module from proven Best-of-Best Principles and Practices, and are then customized to the Client’s unique situations and environment.

  1. Managing Manufacturing:  A Collection of Best Principles and Practices to manage and lead Manufacturing Plants.  The content involves managing the business, financials, people, and technology.  This module is based on decades of personal experience by KB and Best-of-Best former industry executives with deep experience from Strategic Planning to Finance to execution. 
  2. Startups in Manufacturing and Organizations: A methodology to train leaders on the “What” and “How” of successfully navigating the strategies, plans, and storms of startups to sustain Best-of-Best Performance for the life of a factory. 
  3. Building ZERO Focus Culture: Strategies, Principles, and Best Practices are built into the current plant culture.  Values and Behavior are assessed and modified with the DNA of the organization to grow the culture into the company’s vision, making the day-to-day managing easier.  The Focus is on a process to drive results toward ZERO in:
    • Safety: Building a strong Safety Culture of Zero Incidents with Personal Based Safety (PBS), a method that constantly engages personal based safe practices and habits of all team employees. 
    • Sustainability & Zero Waste: Building a strong Sustainability Culture by focusing on Zero Waste with personal behaviors, habits, and ongoing improvement initiatives, based on principles of Reduce, Reuse, Rycle, Reclaim.  Zero Waste to Landfill is an early benefit.
    • Quality: Analyzing product quality and defective produced with a ZERO focus to close the gaps between reality and Best-of-Best.
    • Unplanned losses: Analyzing Operations, Inventory, and Maintenance Downtime with a ZERO Focus to close the gaps between reality and Best-of-Best.
  4. Leadership TriBalance: A proven methodology that Frontline leaders can follow daily as well as long term.  The TriBalance trains the manager to be disciplined to important priorities while maintaining a balanced approach to the daily dynamics of the manufacturing business.
  5. Leadership Prism: A proven and unique methodology that can focus Frontline leaders and teams.  A deliberate follow-up process then ensures the team gets the job done and meets expectations.  An intentional approach to Innovation ensures continuous improvement, along with a process to sustain the gains and grow the team.
  6. Communications & Collaboration Leadership: With Communication being the glue that holds the organization together, this module ensures that plans translate into action.  Effective communications Principles and Practices are taught that generate understanding, get the job done, and build teams.
  7. Strategic Planning: A rigorous, but pragmatic process develops the strategic plan from Mission and Vision through the process to the annual budget.  A disciplined follow-up process ensures that strategy bridges to successful execution and results.
  8. Blocks of Work: A simple methodology that organizes and reorganizes work to maximize organization effectiveness of Leaders, Operations, Staff, and Projects A systematic annual review of the work by the team refreshes roles and responsibilities. 
  9. HR Business Support Structure: HR support of the business is organized to focus on Talent Recruiting and Development, Organization Development, Communications, and Health, Wellness, and Safety.  HR Admin functions are structured to strategically use automation and outsourcing.
  10. Team Building: Whether seasoned teams or newly assembled teams or a team with a new boss, this is a proven process that links and aligns the teams goals, plans, and roles.  Both the Business and Social dynamics are dealt with.
  11. Tire Manufacturing Training: A training program of the technology and operating basics of tire manufacturing processes is conducted by seasoned process technologists. 

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